New interview online

New interview online

There’s a new interview with me online at LeLivro. It was fun to do and hopefully not too bad to read. Also, LeLivro is a great new site selling my self published titles. The more the merrier 🙂


New blurb for Hard Winter The Novel

Got a new blurb for Hard Winter The Novel and one I am extremely happy about and proud of. From one of my absolute favourite authors (I have all but one of his books), Guy N Smith.

“An innovative plot by a new author” —Guy N. Smith, author of NIGHT OF THE CRABS and KILLER CRABS: THE RETURN

P.S. The one book I’m missing is his novelisation of “The Ghoul”. Seems to go for a ridiculous price on ebay. If you see one for a good price let me know, please  (flutters eyelashes and attempts to look cute and appealing – failing miserably of course).

Click here to go to Hard Winter The Novel on Amazon