Smashwords July SALE!

Smashwords July SALE!

Check out my books on SALE during the Smashwords July promotion. Using the codes you will find on the individual book pages you can get Welcome Home, Raised In Evil and Interludes all for FREE, and The Szuiltan Alliance at 50% off! Drop by, take a look, do some downloading and enjoy.

New blurb for Hard Winter The Novel

Got a new blurb for Hard Winter The Novel and one I am extremely happy about and proud of. From one of my absolute favourite authors (I have all but one of his books), Guy N Smith.

“An innovative plot by a new author” —Guy N. Smith, author of NIGHT OF THE CRABS and KILLER CRABS: THE RETURN

P.S. The one book I’m missing is his novelisation of “The Ghoul”. Seems to go for a ridiculous price on ebay. If you see one for a good price let me know, please  (flutters eyelashes and attempts to look cute and appealing – failing miserably of course).

Click here to go to Hard Winter The Novel on Amazon