Horror Collection out now for Kindle


For the first time, I have decided to put my two full length horror novels, Welcome Home and Raised In Evil, together into one volume – my Horror Collection. Currently this volume is only available for the kindle and is competitively priced at under $3 (under £2).

The amazing cover artwork is by Steve Upham of Screaming Dreams

Quotes from Amazon reviews of Welcome Home

“You are introduced to 2 serial killers, a gang of teenagers, a randy policeman and a hit man!
How these brilliant, deep characters all come together in one amazing kill fest is just genius.”

” I can honestly say that until almost the end I had no idea the story would end the way it did. Once I started the book I could not put it down.”

“The part of the serial killer was so well written and graphic I was sure the author was a serial killer writing about his past murders.”

Quotes from Amazon reviews of Raised In Evil

“As the horror marches forth no-one is safe and there are some serious plot twists and some subtle humour moments which only serve to calm your nerves again before the next twang of hell.”

“I found Raised in Evil to be profoundly disturbing. I normally pride myself in being able to finish a full length novel in a matter of hours, however I constantly found myself having to take a break from this story because of its intensity. This is not a bad thing at all. This is a testament to how well Neil Davies can can reach the mind and, yes even the nerves of his readers.”

“Neil Davies has written a brilliant story, told it well and kept me entertained.”

Horror Collection: Two Complete Novels is available now from Amazon. Click the links below.

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