Still writing… slowly

Long time since my last blog post I think.

Despite the lack of contact, I am still writing, albeit very slowly. My main WIP is fighting me every step of the way, and my complete mastery of procrastination isn’t helping. But I know if I keep working at it, and accept that a lot of what I’ve written might need to be thrown away and the plot rethought, I will reach the breakthrough it needs.

It’s not the first time a book has proved difficult. In fact, most of my books hit that wall at some point – The Village Witch (published last year by Omnium Gatherum) hit the wall numerous times during its creation. Plot lines changed, characters came and went, thousands of words were written, dumped and then rewritten. It’s all par for the course. The one exception was Hard Winter: The Novel (also from Omnium Gatherum) – that one just flowed. But it’s unusual for it to be that easy.

I still write the occasional short story, because it’s nice to see something completed in a relatively short time. I’ve about 10 or 11 out at the moment, waiting for acceptance or rejection (mostly rejection based on experience) and I keep an eye on upcoming themed anthologies in case one just catches my interest. But I can’t deny that my main focus is on the longer pieces of fiction – novellas and novels. That’s where I get the chance to develop characters and more complex storylines. It’s the type of writing I enjoy the most.

In a potentially soul destroying decision, I’ve engaged the services of my son and his English Literature degree to rip my writing apart – which is something he takes an inordinate amount of pleasure in doing. The hope is it will improve my overall writing, if my ego allows me to survive it! Through working with the excellent editing skills of Omnium Gatherum’s Kate Jonez, I have become completely convinced in the usefulness of having someone who knows what they’re talking about look at my writing. A good editor, and I’ve been mostly fortunate, can really help improve the writing and the flow of a story (I’ll ignore the bad ones who think editing means rewriting – they can crawl away and die). Both my wife and my son are very good at improving the readability of a story, finding those lines that are clumsy or just suck! But my son currently has the time, and can bring the skills he picked up doing his degree to the task. If nothing else, it should be interesting.

If you’ve liked some of the books I’ve written so far, stick with me. More are on the way. It just takes time…

Finally the truth can be told!

Contracts have been signed and the truth can be told. I gave you the vague news a short while ago, but here’s the details.

The publisher Omnium Gatherum have taken on my latest work, horror novel The Village Witch. It’s a gruesome little tale set in a small Devon village about an ancient evil that’s been waiting over four centuries for release… and it’s getting impatient. I believe it’s the best thing I’ve written so far.

The plan is for a release date in February 2015, giving us time to work on edits, cover etc..

A month or so after that look out for another little treat from myself and Omnium Gatherum that is connected to The Village Witch but can be read as a stand alone too. More about that one another time.

Omnium Gatherum are the publisher who did such a great job on my book Hard Winter: The Novel back in 2013 and I’m really excited to be working with them and editor Kate Jonez again. I know, they’re foolish to take another chance on me but, hey, I won’t tell them if you don’t 🙂

I’ll keep you up to date as things progress later in the year and I hope, when it is released, that you might be tempted to give The Village Witch a try. I’m proud of it and I think you’ll like it too.

Thank you.