Published Short Stories


Title Published In
The Perfect Marriage FMAM, The Midnight Hour
The Midnight Hour Once Written, The Midnight Hour, Trail Of Indiscretion
Bonding The Midnight Hour
The Shadow WriterOnline, The Midnight Hour
Anniversary Whispers of Wickedness
Argument Nanobison, The Midnight Hour
Away With The Fairies The Midnight Hour
Photographs Estronomicon, The Midnight Hour
“…Bargain At The Price” Aphelion
Death By Popcorn Mysterical-E, The Midnight Hour
Ribbons Of Blood Etheral Gazette, The Midnight Hour
Frozen Food The Midnight Hour
The Extreme Makeover Of Helen Watson Estronomicon, The Midnight Hour
Conversation Once Written, Interludes
When The Fires Die Whispers of Wickedness, The Midnight Hour
The Box Forgotten Worlds, Interludes
The Cleansing Nocturnal Ooze, Interludes
Road Rage The Midnight Hour
Virgin Flesh The Midnight Hour
A Christmas Pilgrim Estronomicon, Interludes
Tradition Estronomicon, Halloween Website, Interludes
The Killing Tree Dark Fire, Interludes
The Pathological Good Samaritan Estronomicon, Interludes
Young At Heart Estronomicon, Interludes, Red Fez Issue 94 2016
Two Years To The Day Estronomicon, Interludes
Candy Lady Detritus anthology from Omnium Gatherum
The Sarcophagus (with Rhianne Davies) Interludes
The Ward On The Hill Interludes
The Real Story Lost Worlds, Retraced anthology from Third Flatiron
For The Love Of Children Spinetinglers
Abandoned Undead Of Winter anthology from Mystery & Horror LLC
Subs No Place For Us anthology from Good Mourning Publishing 2015
The Failure Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine Spring 2015 from Cinsearae S.
The Ten Year Anniversary In The Trenches anthology from Verto Publishing 2015
The Lightship Electric Spec Volume 11, Issue 3, September 10 2016
Locusts: The Return Hell Of A Guy anthology, special limited edition produced exclusively to celebrate 25 years of the Guy N Smith convention in 2016
Assassin On The 74th Floor Crimson Streets, November 2016
Crimson Streets #3 Amnesty
The Great Prophecy Dark Lane Anthology: Volume Four December 2016
Castle Ruins Supernatural Tales 34 March 2017

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