Emily in the Wall: Twelve Chilling Tales of Horror and Suspense

It’s not only houses that are haunted. People can be haunted too. In fact, we’re all haunted. By the past. By the truth. By our own failures. By ghosts. From the warped mind of Neil Davies comes a collection of chilling tales that will follow you into sleep, twist your dreams into nightmares, and haunt your waking hours. Be prepared to meet…

A war hero haunted by a past he can’t remember… A widower caught in a nightmare caused by his wife’s desire for a child… A wheelchair-bound woman taunted by a handicapped girl living in the walls… A young girl drawn in to an evil plot after witnessing an old woman’s suicide… A man who returns home to confront the nightmares of his youth… A bullied teen who teaches her tormentors a lesson they won’t soon forget… and many more!

  • The Ten-Year Anniversary
  • Candy Lady
  • For The Love Of Children
  • Castle Ruins
  • Emily in the Wall
  • The Eyes Play Tricks
  • Abandoned
  • Locusts – The Return
  • The Demon of Heathen Cliff
  • The Failure
  • Immigrant Moon
  • The Last Harpy

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