Theresa May – Worst PM ever?

Warning – political opinion piece!

For what it’s worth, here’s my assessment of Theresa May as PM. She is, without a doubt, the worst Prime Minister I’ve seen in my lifetime. As much as I hated Thatcher, you could not deny that she had control of her party (except at the very end) and was also very much in control as PM. May is very obviously not. Gordon Brown was dull and uninspiring, but he was at least competent of doing the basic job. May is not. Cameron was a bastard, but when you looked at him, he looked and acted like a Prime Minister. May gives me the impression of someone who has had the job thrust upon her, unexpectedly, and is completely unprepared and out of her depth. She has just lost by the largest number of votes in the Commons for a long time – a loss that would have led most earlier PMs to resign – but not only does she hang on to the position by any and all means possible, she comes out, after scraping through a no confidence vote, and spouts exactly the same rubbish she was saying leading up to her historic defeat. Nothing has changed. She’s still urging MPs to change their minds and agree to her deal, and she still refuses to consider a second referendum (even though most other party leaders and senior MPs are in favour) and will not take a no deal brexit off the table. Basically, she’s not changing, and still expects everyone else to step in line behind her – a strategy that has, so far, spectacularly failed. I can only presume she is so desperate to leave a legacy behind as the PM who saw Brexit through on her terms, that all reasonable and sensible argument is out of the window. She is not going to change. Brexit will be a disaster, particularly if she gets her way. To have any credibility, the Conservative party have to kick her out of power and find someone more willing to listen to the very loud voices of both other MPs and the public at large. And if Corbyn does end up in power, he needs to listen to his party membership (something he claims to do) and NOT follow through with brexit, but call a second referendum, with remain as an option.

In summary, Theresa May is the worst thing to happen to this country in my lifetime. She seems determined to destroy it and create a worse-off, more divided, racist country in its place, where the well-off will remain well-off and the poor will be poorer than ever. Or perhaps that is her Conservative wet dream? Destroy the welfare system, destroy the NHS, sell everything off to her friends in big business (and in particular US big business) and live off the profits as Lords and Ladies of the Manor, with their servants slaving away beneath their shiny, imported boots!

One thought on “Theresa May – Worst PM ever?

  1. Update on this… I was wrong. The combination of Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings is far worse than Theresa May. They are destroying our democracy and killing people in the process. Absolutely the worst in my lifetime. I can only hope at some point in the future it gets better – if any of us survive!

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