New Music For Old

For the last few months of 2017, and all of 2018 so far, The 1850 Project (the musical collaboration between myself and my son, Jonathan) has been working on two projects side-by-side. Very soon we hope to be releasing the first part of one of those projects, and so now seemed a good time to bring everyone up to speed.

Project 1 – New Songs

We are currently writing and recording songs for a new album, the spiritual follow-up to The Family (although, in chronological terms, it will probably not be the next album released).

The 1850 Project - The Family

The tracks on this album will be new songs (written by myself and/or Jonathan) and some old songs of mine that have become inextricably linked to The 1850 Project over the years through rehearsals or our live set.

Project 2 – Old Songs

Entitled Revived, this will be a multi-volume collection of songs from my back catalogue, reworked and re-recorded by The 1850 Project. I’ve been writing and recording songs since 1975, and for most of those years the recordings have been poor quality, often without the proper instruments, and on cassette tape.  Those songs chosen for re-recording have been selected by myself and Jonathan, trying to look beyond the often awful sound quality to the song buried within. There may have been some changes of arrangements on the way, and an occasional lyric change (because sometimes words you wrote in your late teens and early twenties are just too embarrassing to sing in your late fifties!), but, in the words of Led Zeppelin, the song remains the same.

For a more detailed description of my musical history click here.

We hope to release Revived Volume 1 in the next few months.

As a taster, one of those old songs, TV Lovers, originally written and recorded in 1987, re-recorded in 2018, is available to stream for free on Soundcloud.

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