Looking back at 2017, hoping for 2018

So, 2016 was the year I had a small number of publication credits but did a lot of writing. 2017 has been the year of being published (see below), but doing next to no new writing. I’m hoping 2018 can be a bit of both. 🙂
Publication credits – 2017
supernatural tales 34

My story Castle Ruins in Supernatural Tales 34

Emily in the Wall

Emily In The Wall (The Society Of Misfit Stories)

Best of British Science Fiction 2016 cover

My story The Lightship in Best Of British Science Fiction 2016

visions vii

My story Signal in Visions VII: Universe

eyes of the raven 1800x2700

Eyes Of The Raven (World Castle Publishing, LLC)

The Demon Guardian - eBook

The Demon Guardian (Grinning Skull Press)

 I have one contract signed for 2018 publication so far, my story The Vampire Worms with Grinning Skull Press. Fingers crossed for more to follow.
Happy New Year to both writers and readers.

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