Not published does not equal not writing


It’s been a short while since I had anything new published (seems like forever, but in reality only since November 2nd 2015, when The Last Harpy was published by Omnium Gatherum), but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything finished and waiting, the key word being “waiting”.

I currently have 7 pieces of work out there, looking for either a publisher or an agent (depends on how I was feeling on any particular day). And I know that’s nothing compared to many other writers.

Among the longer pieces, I have…

A 51,500 word pulp science fiction novel that’s been sitting with the same publisher for over a year, but they keep assuring me it’s on the pile.

A 29,600 word zombie apocalypse-type horror novella, first of a series, looking for a publisher (or with a possibility of being self published).

A 12,400 word horror novelette out doing the rounds.

A 56,900 word occult-tinged murder novel, not long finished and freshly out looking for interest.

And I’m also 41,000 words into a new horror novel, and the remaining is all planned out. I should have this one ready for the first edit before too long.

So, I’ve been busy and, hopefully soon, I’ll have some new published work out there to share with you. Until then, please be patient. I promise there’s a lot more yet to come.

Thank you for reading.


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