Sequels Vs Something New

With writing still being an uphill struggle through loose sand in a sandstorm while the worms of Arrakis close in on all sides and I’ve forgotten my thumper… basically, it’s not coming easy at the moment… I find thoughts turning on what I should be expending my ineffectual efforts on. Sequels or something new.

There are several sequels I could be thinking about:

I still have the 3rd book in The Szuiltan Trilogy to write (The Offspring) – this is the only novel my children will allow me to self publish because the first two books in the trilogy were self published.

The Szuiltan Alliance

Liberation Of Worlds

I know there is interest in a sequel to Hard Winter: The Novel, and there is certainly scope for one where I left it.

Hard Winter: The Novel Cover

Similarly there is some interest (and scope) for a sequel to The Village Witch. In fact, there is scope for a whole series of novels around these characters if I want to write them.


… there’s already been a short prequel!

Last HarpyWS

For that matter, I always had, in the back of my mind, the idea of doing a sequel to A World Of Assassins

A World Of Assassins

And finally (on the sequels) I have an accepted for publication but not yet published novella which has been designed as the first in a series.

Then there’s the new stuff, either my current work in progress (which I am struggling with) or something completely new. There are certainly ideas floating around.

Trouble is, both have their appeal. Sequels can be nice because characters and backgrounds are already set and it can be comfortable to return to people you liked to write about. On the other hand, I love creating new characters and backgrounds and finding new people to write about. I have not yet come to any kind of decision on this, and in the meanwhile nothing moves forward, neither sequel nor new. The stalemate must and will be broken soon.

Writers and readers who may see this blog – which do you prefer (from either angle), sequels or brand new stories? Let me know if you want – you should be able to leave comments below (or on facebook or twitter).

Thank you for reading.



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