How The Village Witch and The Evil Incantation (do not) link

Anyone who reads both my latest novel, The Village Witch, and my earlier novelette, The Evil Incantation, may notice some similarities and some differences in two of the principal characters.

It’s time to come clean and explain it all!

As anyone who follows this blog (or reads either the introduction in The Evil Incantation or the dedication in The Village Witch) will know, the characters of The Professor and Tim are based on characters originally created by my brother, Colin P Davies, in an unpublished short story called The Evil Incantation written back in 1975.

As might be obvious from the title, my 2014 novelette, The Evil Incantation, is a reworking and extension of that original short story. Among the adaptations and additions I put into this reworking was a development of the two main characters, bringing them up-to-date and adding a few nuances of my own.

Now, around the time I started reworking the above, I also came up with the idea of doing an origin story for the two characters – how did they first meet and team up and so on. This origin story would eventually develop into my 2015 novel, The Village Witch, and along the way (after the novelette had been completed) the characters developed more and more and more, taking them some way distant from those in The Evil Incantation.

So, now we have the following situation. These two characters, The Professor and Tim, appear both in The Evil Incantation and The Village Witch, but they are NOT the same characters (or not exactly). They are, perhaps, the same people but in parallel universes. They began the same but have taken subtly different routes since then.

In a somewhat confusing conclusion, therefore, I would be very happy if you read both The Evil Incantation and The Village Witch, but, despite the names and some basic similarities, you have to approach the two main characters as separate from each other. They are not the same people – they just had the same father (Colin P Davies). I suspect, by now, he wishes he’d never said “yes” to my request to rework his original short story 🙂

If any of the above muddle inspires you to ask a question, please do. I will do my best to answer.

If you do read either or both I hope you enjoy them.

Keep on reading!


The Evil Incantation

The Evil Incantation

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