Slave to distraction

You have no idea how many times I’ve intended to update this blog, only to be distracted by something else I must do at that precise moment. Even now I minimized this window and went and did something else, having to force myself back here to write this. Distraction is my enemy, particularly when it comes time to write. There seems to be no end to the previously unimportant things that suddenly must be done NOW when I’m sitting down to write. Annoying!

Anyway, I’m here and I thought I’d bring things up to date, since it’s been a while. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or LinkedIn or Google+ etc.) you probably know a lot of this stuff already, but for everyone else, here’s a round up of where I’m at.

THE VILLAGE WITCH – my latest horror novel, published by Omnium Gatherum, is available for pre-order on the kindle right now. The actual release date (kindle and paperback) is June 8. I’m proud of this one. I really hope you like it.

The Village Witch

She sits on the headstone, claws flexing, wings furled, as she has for almost four centuries.

The people of Byre live in fear. A centuries-old evil that grows stronger with each human sacrifice threatens their village. If all goes according to her plan, the Village Witch will unleash almost four hundred years of resentment, hatred and homicidal rage on the town. Tim Galton, an ex-special forces soldier, Professor Alexander Hall and his daughter Susan, paranormal investigators, and a few, brave villagers are all that stand in her way. Can they prevent the Village Witch from setting the evil free? Or will it destroy them and everyone else in Byre?

Pre-order on

Pre-order on

Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine Spring 2015

My short story THE FAILURE appears in the latest Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine – Spring 2015.

Buy the kindle version here:

Buy the paperback here:


No Place For Us

My short story SUBS appears in the anthology No Place For Us

Kindle and paperback available

In The Trenches

My short story THE TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY is placed with the anthology In The Trenches.

I don’t have a publication date for this yet, but it’s coming soon. I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Other short stories are out there and I’m just waiting to hear back from the various publications. The waiting is always the worst part!

I also have a short novel awaiting a response – it’s a space adventure, but I don’t like to tell titles until work is accepted.

I’ve got plenty of short story and longer works waiting to be written (including, of course, the concluding part of The Szuiltan Trilogy – The Offspring) and several are already underway. Keep watching. There’s more coming soon.

If you want to view my full bibliography then CLICK HERE or on the menu button at the top of the page.

Thanks for your ongoing support. Bye for now.

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