The Silence Of The Long Distance Writer

So, had many blog posts from me lately? No, didn’t think so. See, the thing is, I find it hard to create blog posts when I’ve basically got nothing to tell you about my writing. I suppose I could come up with some vaguely connected subject but, well, it’s just not me. If you met me in person we’d spend a lot of time sitting there saying nothing, unless you were willing to carry the conversation. I don’t do small talk very well. On the other hand, get me on the right subject at the right time and I’ll never shut up!

The problem is simple – I’m not the quickest writer, and when I do actually finish something I then go back over it again and again, changing things, crossing out whole sections and basically, you know, editing. Nothing escapes from this house until I’m as happy with it as I can be (unless I look at it again tomorrow in which case I’ll spot even more things I could change – it never ends unless I make it end). This means I’m never going to be one of those writers who seem to have something new out every other week. Consequently, I don’t have much to tell you about my writing most of the time, except “I wrote x number of words today” or “another story rejection” and that kind of update is more suited to Facebook or Twitter than a full blog post.

So, you ask me, given that I claim not to want to post about nothing and have basically just being doing that for the previous couple of paragraphs… what am I trying to tell you?

Simply this – there will be times when you hear very little from me. That’s because, although I’m busy writing away, I don’t actually have anything new about to come out, or been accepted or, well anything. I’m in a long distance race, not a series of short sprints. My writing takes time and lots of anxiety-ridden hours going over the same words again and again until I’m sick of them and push them out into the real world to take their chance. As soon as I have something definite to tell you I will post it and hope you find it, in some small degree, interesting. There might even be posts that aren’t about a particular piece of writing. Sometimes things just interest me, or catch me at the right time and I feel the urge to write a post about it. But most of the time I’m the one sitting in the corner, not talking to anyone, smiling at those who try and talk to me but putting them off with a quick answer in 140 characters or less. Chances are I’ll be writing, or editing something I’d hoped I’d finished but suddenly realised just how much more work needed doing on it. I will be friendly (I hope) but not talkative (unless you ask me about censorship or racism or homophobic religions or one of several subjects that jump start my verbosity). As you can probably guess, I don’t get invited to many parties, and if I was invited, the chances are I wouldn’t go. People scare me.

Now, after all that, if you do want some idea of where I’m up to on things, here’s quick summary:

Main News

The Village Witch, a horror novel, has been accepted for publication in 2015 by Omnium Gatherum

Other News

Liberation of Worlds – science fiction novel, book 2 of The Szuiltan Trilogy, currently writing, about 40,000 words plus into first draft.

Other work in progress – two science fiction shorts (either novelette or novella, depending on how the stories develop) both based on very early writing of mine (1975 and before) and currently untitled.

Several short stories out in the world looking for publications but so far not finding anyone interested. They’re on the story trampoline at present – come back with a rejection and bounce right back out there again.

And Finally…

Stick with me if you can. You might not hear from me on a regular basis but when you do it will be something important or that I feel is interesting. I can only hope you agree.

Thank you for reading my work and I hope you continue to do so, however infrequent it may be.

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