Getting going again

It’s been a strange difficult time for my writing, but I’m proud that I never actually stopped putting words into the computer… even if I might go back and change most of them at a later date 🙂

Then the other day I realised I had four short stories just sitting there doing nothing! This is not allowed. I’d just got forgetful and, well, lazy I guess. So, some research on the excellent (if you’re a genre writer and you don’t go to Ralan for potential markets… well, why not? You should.) and all four stories are back out there in the world looking for an editor who likes them. Rejections will no doubt follow, but that’s the way the game goes – accept the rejection in good grace and turn the story round and send it right back out again to someone else. Don’t stop. Never give in. Just keep them out there, circulating, until they find the right home.

It feels good to be getting going again with this whole thing. After all, if I don’t push my own writing, why should anyone else?

I’ll let you know if and when any of the stories find a friendly and interested editor.

Keep sticking with me. I’ll come out of this slump and get the words working again. More stories and books are on the way, they’re all lining up in my mind, waiting their turn!

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