Music history statistics

Ok, so, I’ve been listening to a lot of my old music looking for stuff worth re-recording/re-imagining either for solo reasons or for The 1850 Project, and it’s made me realise just how long I’ve been doing this! So, here are a couple of statistics:

I have been writing and recording songs (at home – nothing professional here!) since 1975.

During this time I have created 78 tapes/CDs – basically 78 albums – of music.

I have recorded a total of 1144 songs.

I have written (or co-written) 1129 of those songs, only 15 are cover versions.

That’s a lot of music to go through. Most surprising of all… some of it’s not at all bad (well, the recordings generally are, but the songs are not!).

The above statistics do not include songs written in recent years for The 1850 Project. I stopped keeping the database up to date when I stopped doing my own recording (for a while) back in 2000.

Best thing about taking up writing and recording again? I get to work with my son! He’s doing all the recording and producing on the new stuff, and playing on a lot of it. I get to just do the fun bit 🙂


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