Published Work, Opening Lines

Every writer knows that the opening lines of a story are of vital importance. Question is, how well do your opening lines stack up when you look back on them? I’m not at all sure about mine, but I’m going to go through those stories published as individual books (novels, novellas and, in a couple of cases, short stories) and put the first lines below, partly for fun and partly to see how they look after some time. Also, who knows, if any of them are good enough they might entice some of you to read a book of mine you haven’t got round to yet 🙂 The temptation is to list past that first sentence but I’ve tried to resist it. Curious to see how that opening sentence looks on its own! Listing them in chronological order of publication.

I’ve been here before.
Welcome Home

Where am I? I’m frightened. They hurt me. They really, really hurt me!
Raised In Evil

“The winter of 2118 was a hard one.”
Hard Winter (short story)

“‘Are we losing control?'”
The Szuiltan Alliance

“The escalator spiralled down the side of the building, carrying the crowd of early evening shoppers towards the street below.”
A World Of Assassins

“My name is Norman Leonard and at one time I lived in Liverpool, North West England, with my wife Chrissy.”
Hard Winter: The Novel

“‘Are you the ant man?'”
The Ant Man


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