Self publishing harmful?

My son told me tonight that he thinks the books I choose to self publish are harming my chances of reaching my dream of being able to write for a living. He feels I should submit all my work to other publishers and just keep trying, regardless of how many rejections I get. It’s certainly true that there are many great books out there that were rejected dozens of times before finally being accepted (Dune is my favourite example of this) but the ease of self publishing these days makes it a temptation rather than face all those rejections and all that time and frustration. On the other hand, the books of mine that were not self published are the ones I’m most proud of. There is something good about someone else liking your work enough to put their own time and money into it. Still haven’t cracked the major publishers yet… but then again, I’ve been too afraid to send anything to them! Maybe I should give it a go next time?


One thought on “Self publishing harmful?

  1. The only thing about self-publishing is that you have to use your own resources and somehow figure out how to promote yourself. As an unknown author working on my second effort I still have not figured that one out…

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