WIP going slowly but still going…

My current WIP is a short zombie novel, mainly because I’ve never written a zombie story before and, as is often the case, wanted to try something new. While I am not claiming to have a new twist or angle on the zombie story (I’m not that arrogant, honest) it will be my zombie story and, as such, is likely to be somewhat different to many others for that reason alone. Needless to say, plot and even some main characters have already changed since writing began… but that’s par for the course I’m afraid. Never been very good at sticking to a plan! Writing is going slowly (largely because of the alternating numbness and intense pain I’ve been getting in my left thumb and forefinger – combination of arthritis and some dubious nerve connection to my neck apparently) but it is, at least, going. Just need lots of Zapain, anti-inflammatory gel, pepsi-max, tea and frequent breaks. Just another day at the office… if I had an office that is… ok, just another day in the corner of the bedroom 🙂

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