Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women – short review

Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women: If you think this sounds similar to the previous film review, you’d be right. This is another version based on the US edit of the Russian original, Planet Of Storms! This time, instead of the US filmed scenes with Basil Rathbone and others in the first one, we have US filmed scenes starring Mamie Van Doren as leader of a tribe of Venusian women (who dress strangely enough in white flared trousers and shell-bras – those crazy Venusian fashion designers!). All scenes from the Russian film are the same US dubbed and edited versions as in the previous film. The main difference here is that the rainstorms and volcanic eruptions are called up by the Venusian women in reprisals against the astronauts who have killed their ‘god’ – that being a dubious flying reptile (and if you think the Russian original looks bad in the movie, wait until you see the floppy version the US women carry from the waves!). As before, the Russian scenes are superior to the US ones. Enjoyable rubbish, but I think I prefer Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet if I had to choose.

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