Bringing you up to date

I’ve been revising and rewriting a couple of my Science Fiction novels with the kindle in mind.

In the case of A World Of Assassins, this was originally published by Publish America on a 7-year contract which has (finally) run out. Having refused to sign a new contract with them I can now release my own revised and, in part, rewritten version on the kindle. This is definitely my preferred (and final) version of this Science Fiction Thriller. The original expensive release was enjoyed by the few people who read it. I hope this new and improved version reaches a wider audience. I am just finalizing the cover art and then it’s ready to go.

The Szuiltan Alliance is a book that has been around, in various versions, a long time. I am about half way through a final revision and then it will be ready for release on the kindle. It’s book one in a trilogy of space adventure novels involving Space Traders, interplanetary wars and the first truly alien intelligent lifeform ever encountered by man in his expansion across the galaxy. This is not ‘hard’ Science Fiction, just an action packed adventure in space.

In terms of new (not revised or rewritten) fiction, I am currently working with an editor on the final draft of a futuristic (you might say dystopian) novel that expands on one of my most popular short stories. Full details will be given when I am free to do so.

In music news, the new album from The 1850 Project (that’s me and my son) called The Family has been uploaded to CDBaby and we’re just waiting for the news that it’s all ok and the digital distribution has begun. It’s 13 tracks of guitar-led music ranging from Classic Rock through Pop Punk to Metal. As soon as it’s available to download I’ll let you know. I hope a few of you will give it a listen.

The 1850 Project - The Family







That’s all for now. Talk again soon.


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