The 1850 Project In The Studio

Spent a day in Whitby Studios yesterday (Sunday) with The 1850 Project. Good day concentrating on just two songs.

We recorded a completely new arrangement of an old song (This World Is Ours) making it much faster and ‘punkier’, if there is such a word! Chorus lyrics need some work to fit the faster pace but it’s sounding good.

We also worked on the new song, Inkstained Romance, including a first for us, guest vocals. Jess, my son’s fiance, took lead vocals on this song and did a great job. If only I could persuade Jon to let her sing more of our songs… but he is determined to keep the majority of playing and singing on the album between the two of us. Hopefully she will at least do some backing vocals for us (I’ll keep subtly suggesting more, you never know!)

We had wanted my daughter, Rhianne, to record a short piano piece she wrote herself but, although she spent the day in the studio with us, I think her nerves got the better of her and she wouldn’t do it. Maybe next time.

This album will give a much truer picture of our music than the first short album did – showing more of the variety of our musical influences – plus we’re much more at home in the studio and the way it works than we were last time. Very happy with the sound so far.

Will report more when we can afford more studio time.

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