30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 30

Day 30 – Movies you can watch again and again

There’s actually quite a lot of these so this list won’t be complete, but off the top of my head and in no particular order here goes….

Beverly Hills Cop
Lethal Weapon
The Chinese Boxer
Gray Matters
Kissing Jessica Stein
Evil Aliens
Come Drink With Me
The New One-Armed Swordsman
Lone Wolf McQuade
The Killer (Chow Yun Fat)
Saw (whole series)
Hostel (1 & 2)
All the Hammer Dracula films with Christopher Lee
The 7 Golden Vampires
Twins Of Evil
Countess Dracula
The Vampire Lovers
All Fred Astaire Films from 30’s, 40’s and 50’s
It’s A Wonderful Life
Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan
The Doctor

I could go on for much longer but that probably gives an idea of the type of films I enjoy again and again 🙂

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