30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 29

Day 29 – Favourite tv shows and why you like them

I shall split this into 2 lists – current shows (those still showing or due back soon) and old shows (ones I’ve generally tracked down on DVD or just remember fondly)

Current shows
Mythbusters – making science interesting and fun with lots of explosions and, of course, Kari Byron
Ice Road Truckers – fascinating both for the extreme weather and the danger of driving on the ice road (plus Lisa Kelly)
Doctor Who – big fan of the classic series but have enjoyed the new ones too. The secret is to not think of them as the same programme!
Torchwood – fast paced sci fi with a bit of bad language and sex thrown in. Can’t fail 🙂
Ghosthunters – I don’t personally believe in ghosts (not as dead people anyway) but find this series and the fact that they do their best to ‘debunk’ and find real world solutions enjoyable (plus Kris Williams)
Destination Truth (or Monster Hunter on some channels in the UK) – amusing and interesting, even though you know they’re never going to find what they’re looking for!
Miranda – just a very funny sitcom
Not Going Out – another very funny sitcom, although it’s last series was not up to the usual standard.
Being Erica – nice idea and nicely done. Faces the risk of running out of ideas but so far is doing ok.
House – just brilliant in acting and script. Hugh Laurie is fantastic. Love this show.
Cougar Town – one of the best of recent US sitcoms.

Old shows
The Man From UNCLE – absolute favourite. Still love this show. Spies, action, humour. It’s got everything.
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea – Always loved the submarine and the liberal mix of sci fi and horror (aliens and sea monsters).
UFO – Perhaps not brilliant now, but great fun at the time. Plus Gabrielle Drake – an early crush of mine.
The Goodies – just brilliantly funny, both on a slapstick level and on a more sophisticated level – just listen carefully to the scripts sometime and see if you still think it’s a ‘kid’s programme’.
Coupling – very funny sitcom, except for the last series without the funniest character, Jeff
Dead Like Me – great idea and sometimes very funny.
Kung Fu – groundbreaking in its day and still fun to watch – even if the fight scenes are soooooo sloooooow
The Professionals – back when we could make reasonable action series without getting bogged down in sentiment and personal lives. Good fun.
Life On Mars – the UK original. Good idea, and funny.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Went off a bit in the middle seasons but early and late were great.

I suspect there are many more but these are all I can think of at the moment so they will have to do, otherwise we’ll be here all night.

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