30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 27

Day 27 – my day job versus my passion

Yes, I know I’m a day behind again – I was sick last night and went straight to bed, no sitting up on the computer ’til all hours.

Now, day 27 – for ‘day job’ read ‘what I did before the bastards made me redundant’.

Day job: IT – I like using computers for various things but don’t really have a great interest in the hardware or how everything works. My interest has always been in the creative side, the programming to make the computer do what I (or others) want it to do. I get great satisfaction from creating a database system that others then use and find genuinely helpful in their jobs. It’s great to go back years later (as I have in some cases) and see my system still in daily use.

Passion: Writing – sitting down and actually writing can be harder than anything I’ve ever done in my ‘day job’ but I love feeling the story unfold, the characters grow, making my own world (whether it’s based in the real world or one completely from my imagination) and letting things loose in it. Nothing beats the feeling of finishing that first draft of a new novel, although revising, editing, changing and, hopefully, seeing it published come a close second.


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