30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 20

Day 20 – write a letter to someone

Dear Betty

I realise now, with hindsight, that those around me were right when they said you bringing in the son of one of the Directors to work under me and be trained by me was the first step to you getting rid of me. After all, the systems I had programmed, maintained and even supported while on holiday with my family via the telephone were all working well so I guess I was surplus to requirements. Maybe I did my job too well. Maybe it was because you paid me a reasonable salary to match my abilities (unlike most people in the company) so I was just too expensive. Maybe it was just easier to get rid of me than it would have been to get rid of the Directors’ big expensive company cars.

Anyway, it’s done. I’m still unemployed. We struggle every month and have to beg and borrow to get by but as long as the Directors are happy I guess that’s ok. At least I have been here when my Dad needed me after my Mum died. Perhaps eventually I’ll thank you for making me redundant. Stranger things have happened.

Yours bitterly



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