30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 19

Day 19 – Write about a sweet memory from your past

The problem I have here is the word “sweet”. I have lots of nice memories, but I wouldn’t call any of them sweet. What I will do here then is a short list of some of those nice memories that might be described by some as sweet (depending on your definition).

  • My brother Philip giving (yes giving!) me the money to go into Liverpool and buy my first guitar amp.
  • My first proper “french” kiss (Black Horse Hill, late night, girl called Liz)
  • Cathy agreeing to marry me (in the Ring ‘o’ Bells car park, West Kirby)
  • Jonathan and Rhianne being born
  • Being told my first novel had been accepted for publication
  • Playing guitar on stage with my son Jonathan at The 1850 Project birthday gig in 2009
  • There are more lining up but I have to stop somewhere. Whether you’d consider any of the above “sweet” I leave up to you 🙂


    One thought on “30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 19

    1. CORRECTION! This is embarrasing but I think I got the pub wrong! It was in the car park at the Ridger, not the Ring ‘o’ Bells, that Cathy accepted my proposal. Oops!

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