30 day blog challenge – Day 1

My wife, Cathy, has started a 30 day blog challenge on her website cathysweightlossdiary. Not quite sure where she got it from but she left the list lying on my desk, so I thought I’d have a go myself 🙂 Whether I get to the end is another matter entirely!

Day 1 – recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I proposed to Cathy after only knowing her a week
2. I write horror and science fiction stories
3. I used to play guitar in a local band called Liquid Pig
4. I now play guitar in a band with my son, The 1850 Project
5. I have a BA Hons degree in Computer Studies and Religious Studies
6. I taught myself to program computers from a book on Atari Basic before I actually had a computer
7. I have 78 audio tapes of music I wrote and home recorded ranging from 1977 to 1994
8. My primary school teacher used to make me read out my stories to the whole class
9. My first crush was on the headmaster’s daughter at primary school
10. I love Shaw Brothers martial arts films
11. After I left school in 1977 I was unemployed for almost 10 years, other than short-term temporary jobs, until I went and got my degree. This was when I taught myself computer programming and recorded much of my music.
12. I’ve been writing stories since primary school but never had the courage to send them anywhere until I met Cathy and she encouraged me.
13. My short story The Midnight Hour won the $500 first prize in an online writing competition entitled, appropriately, The Midnight Hour. It was the first time I’d sent a short story to anything.
14. My short story collection, also entitled The Midnight Hour, was the first book published by the UK small publisher Screaming Dreams.
15. I suffer from clinical depression and have done for many years (does that count as interesting?)

Believe me, that was a struggle!!!! 15 interesting things? Doubtful.


2 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge – Day 1

  1. Ermmmm…. I appear to have been signed on as you (previous post) via your link on my web page! But it’s me here not you ok! It’s 12.40am in the morning (ie just passed midnight) ermmmm….am just about to shout down and ask you to make me a cup of tea as can’t sleep – sorry! XXXCAthy PS – LOVE YOU!

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