Projects at the start of 2011

Just a quick run down of my writing and music projects as they stand at the start of 2011:

Novels (all titles are open to change):

THE VILLAGE WITCH – supernatural horror
currently 48,000 words.

THE WIZARDS OF YRADION – science fiction
currently 11,000 words

THE WAITING ARMY – supernatural apocalyptic horror
currently 6,000 words

HARD WINTER – the novel-length rewrite of the science fiction/horror short story published in 2009 by Eternal Press
currently 16,000 words

I’m also considering rewriting THE SZUILTAN ALLIANCE – a science fiction space opera first written some years ago as the first book in a trilogy. It’s ok but could be a lot better.

RAISED IN EVIL – supernatural horror story
Completed and accepted for publication by Screaming Dreams
Unfortunately the current financial climate is hitting Screaming Dreams as much as the rest of us and publication dates are being put back so there is no definite date for when this novel will be available. I’ll keep you in touch as I hear anything.

The 1850 Project currently has 11 songs at various stages of recording for their next CD. There’s a couple more to be done from scratch and then a lot of overdubs, mixing and generally getting them right. The song list so far is (in no particular order):

Keep Me (Jonathan Davies)
Anyway I Can (Neil Davies)
Take My Life (Neil Davies)
Inkstained Romance (Jonathan Davies)
The Family (Neil Davies)
So Beautiful (Jonathan Davies)
Summer Romance (Neil Davies)
This World Is Ours (Jonathan Davies)
Distant Time (Neil Davies)
After Death (Jonathan & Neil Davies)
One Day (Neil Davies)

Rough mixes of some of these songs can be heard over at or on Jango

Hopefully some of the above will have caught your interest and imagination. More updates as the year (and my writing and music) progresses.


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