Writing with my daughter

Finally got round to starting the much promised collaboration with my 12 year old daughter yesterday. I’ve been saying for ages that I would take one of the stories she’s always writing and work on it with her. She’s always starting stories, many of them with very good ideas and, for that matter, very good writing too, but seldom manages to finish any. We thought that together we might just be able to take one through to its conclusion and, at the same time, introduce me to the experience of writing for a market I’ve never considered before… the Young Adult.

I also managed to get a small bit of writing done on my own rewrite of The Szuiltan Alliance. The introduction of a couple of new characters has livened the whole thing up for me and, hopefully, the reader. It’s looking much improved so far.

In the background lurk The Village Witch, The Waiting Army, The Wizards Of Yradion and the expansion to novel length of Hard Winter.  No guarantee anyone will ever read them but I’ve got to write them – no choice in that 🙂

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