What is The 1850 Project

The 1850 Project began life a few years back when I rashly promised my son that, for his 18th birthday (which fell the day before my 50th), I would come out of my self-imposed musical retirement and play a one-off gig with him. The name “The 1850 Project” was chosen for fairly obvious reasons.

Rehearsals began at home with just my son, Jonathan, and myself – resurrecting some of my old songs that he liked and doing some covers. This quickly progressed to new songs being written (by both of us separately and together) and demos being recorded on computer. I found I was actually enjoying myself!

The next step, as an extra birthday present to us both, was to book some time in a real studio to record a short CD. We had a year to finish the thing… in the event we only just made it! The CD was recorded at Whitby Studios in Ellesmere Port, Wirral UK and could not have been done without the help and understanding of Ian who runs the place. My friend, artist and publisher, Steve Upham of Screaming Dreams did the cover and the songs can be found on various places, including iTunes and Reverbnation.

The 1850 Project

The 1850 Project

For the live gig we pressganged my nephew Christopher Davies (current Countdown Champion from tv) to play drums and my long time friend and composer/musician Tony Longworth on bass (film music composer, bassist with Morbid Symphony and Flesh Resonance). After many rehearsals at Vulcan Studios in Liverpool, UK, the gig went ahead on 28th March 2009 (Jonathan’s 18th birthday). It wasn’t great as far as sound and so on was concerned but we had a great time.

The Future

Well, we enjoyed it so much we’re not stopping!

Currently myself and Jonathan are writing and recording a new CD (at Whitby Studios again) and this time we have no deadline, no need to rush to get it finished and we’re covering a wider range of the music we play and listen to. Early demo mixes are sounding good. Here’s one for Jonathan’s song So Beautiful. Hope you enjoy it.

More to come…. Keep listening.

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