A brief introduction to my writing

I write horror and science fiction – short stories and novels – and I’ve been writing them for as long as I can remember. As for other people being able to read them? I was never big on self-confidence and it took until 2005 (or 2004, can’t remember!) and an online competition called The Midnight Hour to get me sending stuff out. The competition was on oncewritten.com and I won, much to my surprise!

At that point I had a novel all finished and ready to go, a Science Fiction thriller called A World Of Assassins. I did a quick search on the internet, tried a couple of places and got rejected, then came across Publish America who accepted the book for publication! (Yes, I know, I’ve heard all the things said about them since then, but at the time I knew no better and was just so excited someone wanted to publish me without it costing me anything). The book was published in 2005.

A World Of Assassins

A World Of Assassins

With this encouragement I began writing and sending off more than ever before with the result that I got published in various online and print magazines.

My next book was a short story collection requested by Screaming Dreams, a newly formed small publisher run by the artist Steve Upham. Most of the stories were horror, but some were just dark and strange (and hopefully, occassionaly, humorous).

The Midnight Hour

The Midnight Hour

My most recent work of note to be published is the Science Fiction/Horror novella Hard Winter (available in ebook and paperback) from Eternal Press, set in a future ice-bound North West England (Liverpool mostly).

Hard Winter

Hard Winter

A horror novel, Raised In Evil, is due to be published in the not too distant future by Screaming Dreams and I’m currently working on expanding Hard Winter into a full-length novel (among several other writing projects).

If you’ve read anything of mine, please drop by and let me know. If not, maybe you could give something a go?

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