Questions that Matter with Neil Davies


The Demon Guardian by [Davies, Neil]

I asked those questions that matter of Neil Davies! But first, the book:

Now some questions!

Hi, Neil! Let’s start with my favorite question: What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

At least I tried.

Short and honest! I love it! If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

I really wish I could live long enough to see us flying spaceships between the planets like in all my favourite scifi space opera books and films. I’d like to be there when spaceship travel is as common as aeroplane travel is today.

Maybe you will live long enough! You never know…If you were a road sign, what would you say?

No Entry! (I really don’t know why people think I’m a negative type of person)

Perhaps if you changed it to “proceed with caution”…Do you prefer the movie or the…

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Theresa May – Worst PM ever?

Warning – political opinion piece!

For what it’s worth, here’s my assessment of Theresa May as PM. She is, without a doubt, the worst Prime Minister I’ve seen in my lifetime. As much as I hated Thatcher, you could not deny that she had control of her party (except at the very end) and was also very much in control as PM. May is very obviously not. Gordon Brown was dull and uninspiring, but he was at least competent of doing the basic job. May is not. Cameron was a bastard, but when you looked at him, he looked and acted like a Prime Minister. May gives me the impression of someone who has had the job thrust upon her, unexpectedly, and is completely unprepared and out of her depth. She has just lost by the largest number of votes in the Commons for a long time – a loss that would have led most earlier PMs to resign – but not only does she hang on to the position by any and all means possible, she comes out, after scraping through a no confidence vote, and spouts exactly the same rubbish she was saying leading up to her historic defeat. Nothing has changed. She’s still urging MPs to change their minds and agree to her deal, and she still refuses to consider a second referendum (even though most other party leaders and senior MPs are in favour) and will not take a no deal brexit off the table. Basically, she’s not changing, and still expects everyone else to step in line behind her – a strategy that has, so far, spectacularly failed. I can only presume she is so desperate to leave a legacy behind as the PM who saw Brexit through on her terms, that all reasonable and sensible argument is out of the window. She is not going to change. Brexit will be a disaster, particularly if she gets her way. To have any credibility, the Conservative party have to kick her out of power and find someone more willing to listen to the very loud voices of both other MPs and the public at large. And if Corbyn does end up in power, he needs to listen to his party membership (something he claims to do) and NOT follow through with brexit, but call a second referendum, with remain as an option.

In summary, Theresa May is the worst thing to happen to this country in my lifetime. She seems determined to destroy it and create a worse-off, more divided, racist country in its place, where the well-off will remain well-off and the poor will be poorer than ever. Or perhaps that is her Conservative wet dream? Destroy the welfare system, destroy the NHS, sell everything off to her friends in big business (and in particular US big business) and live off the profits as Lords and Ladies of the Manor, with their servants slaving away beneath their shiny, imported boots!

Review of Infernal by Cheryl Low

Infernal opens with a motley group of people sharing a boat and preparing to do some filming. One group will film the sharks, another will investigate nearby wrecks, and the third will land on the nearby island, to investigate its flora and fauna. As in all good stories of this kind, they have been warned about the mythology and scare stories associated with the island, but if that stopped people we wouldn’t have half the good horror stories we have. But they really should have listened. There is evil on the island, and in the waters surrounding it.

What lifts this story above many others of its kind are the characters. These are real people, and, on the whole, people I came to care about very quickly in the book. In particular, the main protagonist of the book, Val, is very believable and likeable, and as she is put through the ringer as the story progresses, I really did care about her. Even the evil in the story has a personality, a character of its own.

The other major factor this book has in its favour is the writing. It is very very nicely written, the characters (already mentioned), the description, the action and the horror are all handled impeccably. There are some truly creepy moments later in the book, and I don’t read many stories that evoke that creepiness these days. Immerse yourself in this book, and prepare to be creeped out and scared.

Infernal is published by Grinning Skull Press (the same people who published The Demon Guardian, so you know they have good taste!). A highly recommended book. Read it.

Buy from Amazon here

Where to buy

I seem to have been ignoring this blog so, in an attempt to get it going again, I thought I’d list the main places to buy the various versions of my books. These are not, by any means, the only places, as you’ll find at least some of my books on most online book sellers’ sites, but these are the principal ones.



On Amazon you’ll find my self-published books, those released through other publishers and also anthologies I have a story in. This is where you’ll find the most comprehensive list of my work, most of which is available in both paperback format and kindle ebook.

And most regional amazon variations.



All of my self-published works are also available in a variety of ebook formats, including mobi (kindle) and epub, from Smashwords. The variety of formats available is the main appeal of Smashwords. Whatever ebook reader you have, you should find an appropriate format here.




I have used Lulu to create hardback versions of my longer self-published work. Because of the price involved, it was never intended as a serious “salepoint” for readers, but rather a kind of vanity project for myself. I wanted hardback versions of my stories for my own bookshelf – it’s that simple and that vain! Nevertheless, they are available for anyone who wants a nice hardback collection.

Because of the way Lulu works with books that contain “adult” language, violence or sex, you may need to provide your date of birth in order to view the books. If you don’t see the book covers, click on any of the blank image boxes to verify your age.

And that’s it – as I said at the beginning, you will find me scattered about elsewhere (Barnes & Noble for example) but those listed are the places the various versions of the books have been created for.

If you do happen to read any of my books, please consider leaving a review on the appropriate site. They really do help get a book noticed. Thank you for your support, and thank you for reading.

New Music For Old

For the last few months of 2017, and all of 2018 so far, The 1850 Project (the musical collaboration between myself and my son, Jonathan) has been working on two projects side-by-side. Very soon we hope to be releasing the first part of one of those projects, and so now seemed a good time to bring everyone up to speed.

Project 1 – New Songs

We are currently writing and recording songs for a new album, the spiritual follow-up to The Family (although, in chronological terms, it will probably not be the next album released).

The 1850 Project - The Family

The tracks on this album will be new songs (written by myself and/or Jonathan) and some old songs of mine that have become inextricably linked to The 1850 Project over the years through rehearsals or our live set.

Project 2 – Old Songs

Entitled Revived, this will be a multi-volume collection of songs from my back catalogue, reworked and re-recorded by The 1850 Project. I’ve been writing and recording songs since 1975, and for most of those years the recordings have been poor quality, often without the proper instruments, and on cassette tape.  Those songs chosen for re-recording have been selected by myself and Jonathan, trying to look beyond the often awful sound quality to the song buried within. There may have been some changes of arrangements on the way, and an occasional lyric change (because sometimes words you wrote in your late teens and early twenties are just too embarrassing to sing in your late fifties!), but, in the words of Led Zeppelin, the song remains the same.

For a more detailed description of my musical history click here.

We hope to release Revived Volume 1 in the next few months.

As a taster, one of those old songs, TV Lovers, originally written and recorded in 1987, re-recorded in 2018, is available to stream for free on Soundcloud.

Looking back at 2017, hoping for 2018

So, 2016 was the year I had a small number of publication credits but did a lot of writing. 2017 has been the year of being published (see below), but doing next to no new writing. I’m hoping 2018 can be a bit of both. 🙂
Publication credits – 2017
supernatural tales 34

My story Castle Ruins in Supernatural Tales 34

Emily in the Wall

Emily In The Wall (The Society Of Misfit Stories)

Best of British Science Fiction 2016 cover

My story The Lightship in Best Of British Science Fiction 2016

visions vii

My story Signal in Visions VII: Universe

eyes of the raven 1800x2700

Eyes Of The Raven (World Castle Publishing, LLC)

The Demon Guardian - eBook

The Demon Guardian (Grinning Skull Press)

 I have one contract signed for 2018 publication so far, my story The Vampire Worms with Grinning Skull Press. Fingers crossed for more to follow.
Happy New Year to both writers and readers.